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Sick of Rolling Around on Your Back, Working on Cars? Check This Out

As somebody who has rolled around on cold hard concrete and worked on their vehicle, you can identify with how much this set of circumstances can really be a pain in the back sometimes, quite literally. At times, there might be other options in order to get vehicles up in the air so that way you can work on them in an upright position, however, due to expense of that kind of equipment to lift them or the fact that you’re working on a vehicle that is far too heavy for any sort of lift, it might not be an option that’s in your ballpark. So, what is one to do if they are forced to work on a vehicle that’s sitting on the ground and also would like to maybe save their back a little bit?

It kind of seems like an industry that has remained somewhat stagnant over the years as the concept of a creeper, basically a platform on wheels that you can lay flat on while rolling along on your back, has been about the only widespread option that we have seen in the industry.

However, with an innovation known as the Human Hoist power chair, it looks like working underneath certain vehicles just got a little bit easier. It looks like maneuverability and being able to squeeze into that tight spot without having to contort your body Just became a very reasonable reality.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to catch up with what exactly this invention has to offer and how it can transform the way that you work on your vehicle on the ground. Instead of being just a simple machine that rolls around flat, this one will be able to lift you and help you to get the very best position to get to that pesky job, that might have otherwise given you the need to swallow down some asprin, done in a snap.