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“A NASCAR Sale Could Mean Downsizing, Schedule Changes And Better Revenue Sharing”

Even if you have plenty of money to buy certain things, they don’t happen to come up for sale that often. Unlike buying a new car that you can order for yourself whenever you want, organizations like NASCAR generally don’t change hands all that often. However, if what rumors are stating end up being true, in the near future, the organization could end up being on the auction block before long and a change of hands could mean what Kevin Harvick calls “a shifting of bases.” Among other topics, Harvick talked about what might exactly happen if NASCAR ends up changing hands and he seems to think that he has a lot of good ideas for the sport to move forward.

Via NBC Sports, “The France family is working with investment bank Goldman Sachs Group to identify a potential deal for the company, according to unnamed sources.”

It’s no secret that the growth of this once quickly sprouting racing series has since stagnated and drivers and fans alike have all kinds of ideas that could help to potentially blast the racing series back into the limelight, drawing it even more new fans. However, picking out which of these ideas are the best and will provide the most momentum could really be a challenge.

Among these changes, Harvick recommends maybe a little bit of downsizing, in fact, taking the effort that is currently scattered about the country and focusing in on some of the most important aspects of the sport instead of trying to do everything at once. In addition, it seems as if Kevin and Kurt Busch agree while chatting on Harvick’s podcast about a movement towards some more grassroots style tracks, potentially filling up the house with 40,000 screaming fans who will create an electric atmosphere instead of going for the massive tracks all the time which will have the stands half-full with those kinds attendance numbers. After all, seeing a packed house is more appealing for potential new spectators, after all.

One of the most interesting points that Harvick brought up would be the potential for teams to take part in some sort of revenue sharing model that would have them making money off of television advertising instead of relying entirely on sponsors to fund the race teams. How would this help anyone aside from the teams themselves? Harvick thinks that this kind of model could be better for the sport, creating more competition and what he would see as franchises that could potentially hold actual value to be sold, potentially bolstering the interest even further and help that bottom line in addition to creating an atmosphere that will shift the hierarchy of needs from what teams need to do for the betterment of themselves to what they can do for the forward movement of the sport.


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