A Ruthless Racing Accident Left this Driver Paralyzed, $1,000,000 Would Get Him Behind the Wheel Again

If you’re talking about racing in any format, the sport definitely has its fair ...

If you’re talking about racing in any format, the sport definitely has its fair share of pitfalls that you could find yourself involved in. At any moment, at high speeds, something can go wrong and if just the wrong set of circumstances line up, you could be looking at incredible injury or even possibly worse. However, for those who head out to the track and get themselves involved in races, I think most of us would contend that our passion for the sport outweighs a fear of a bad situation going down. For Sam Schmidt, however, the exact wrong set of events would unfold in a specific order and he would end up paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of his life after a 210 mph crash.

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Back in the old days, something like this would obviously be enough to get somebody from out behind the wheel of a car for the remainder of their life. However, with the technological advances that we see today, there would be a chance for this driver to witness the pure bliss of driving once again. It would take $1 million which most people might not have, but the fact that the technology is there at all renders the situation to be amazing as a collection of sensors and a tube that utilizes the driver’s breath to go and stop would give this passionate enthusiast another chance to drive with a special Chevrolet Corvette.

Check out the video below as this episode of Jay Leno’s garage takes us inside of this machine that is truly miraculous and is doing things that just a couple of years ago might have never been possible. After checking out this technologically advanced machinery that’s able to bring the gift of driving back to this professional driver once again, be sure to tell us what you think of how exactly all this came together just right to provide one of the happiest feelings you could imagine after being robbed of that same feeling and thinking that you were never going to get it back again.

A million dollar Corvette and the inspirational man who drives it.See more of his incredible story on Jay Leno's Garage WEDNESDAY at 10p ET/PT on CNBC!

Posted by Jay Leno's Garage on Saturday, July 8, 2017

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