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A Sneak Peek at the Sixteen Cars Competing in the No Time Shootout at Lights out 9!

This weekend marks the opening of racing season in the southeast with Duck X Productions’ Lights Out 9, the biggest small tire race of the season at South Georgia Motorsports Park. This race annually brings hundreds of racers and thousands of fans from across the country and around the world to rural southern Georgia for a massive party, where some great racing just happens to break out. One of the highlights of this year’s event is a sixteen car No Time shootout that will pay the winner $36,000! Our very own Randy “Zebra” Pharr reached out to as many of the teams as possible to find out what they had in store, although some of them decided to keep things low-key, a common practice among the grudge racing and no-time competitors.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the big guns of the No Time Shootout, coming at you this weekend from Lights Out 9 at SGMP!

First and foremost The Father/Son duo responsible for this shootout being added to Lights Out. Veteran Class and grudge racers Corey “Big Country” Swanstrom, his son Justin “Little Country” Swanstrom, and their badass nitrous powered Mustang known as Armageddon. Powered by a monster Pat Musi built power plant, and a ton of nitrous, this team has been racking up wins in grudge races and shootouts across the country

Next up we highlight our friend, and “Street Outlaws” Star Dave Comstock AKA “Daddy Dave” And his wild ’63 Nova known as Goliath. Powered by a proline 481x power plant matched to a giant F3 procharger, Dave is a veteran street racer, but a relative newcomer to the radial world and N/T shootouts. However, he has been seen competing in the no prep world, winning some big races, and countless races on the street, so expect him to be able to adapt quickly.

Street Outlaws: New Orleans star, and no prep racing badass Kye Kelley with his new car “Aftershock”, a purpose built 5th generation Camaro race car, with a monster 903 cubic inch Pat Must motor, and a lot of nitrous. Kye is no stranger to taking wins whether it be the street, or the track. He was seen competing at Lights Out 8 in Radial VS the World in his old car. “The Shocker”.

Next up is J.R Gray, and his wild nitrous fed F-body Camaro known as “Headshot”. This car is not new to Lights Out, as it once competed in Radial VS the world before J.R bought it. Since then J.R has transformed this monster into a grudge racing force, and winner of multiple N/T shootouts across the country, and took home the runner up in the last Duck X productions N/T shootout at No Mercy 8.

One of the best looking cars on the property, Jay Boddie, and his team from California with their nasty Twin Turbo, Hemi powered ’63 Nova traveling all the way from Sacramento, California. Jay has been competing in the N/T world for years, as well as promoting his own races back home in Sacramento. They have also been seen on the no prep circuit, as well as making appearances on “Street Outlaws”.

Scotty G. Guadagno, and his wild Pro mod style Camaro known as “G-Unit”, which won the N/T Shootout at the most recent race held by Donald Long last October at No Mercy 8. Scotty will look to defend his title, and also will face off with J.R Gray Friday night in a grudge race.

“Blower” Timmy Meissner and his screw blown hemi-powered Mustang. Timmy is no stranger to the N/T world, having traveled the country racing in multiple shootouts, and grudge races. This might be the one of, if not the only car in the field with steel roof and quarter panels.

Larry “Ax Man” Roach, who is known for his nasty Black Nova with a gigantic screw blower sticking out of the hood that was one of the first cars to run 3’s in the 1/8 on a 275 tire will be bringing another Nova, with a twin turbo big block looking to take home the money.

Eric Autry, and “Brandywine” owned by Christopher Ward, a 1991 Mustang with a nitrous breathing monster Reher-Morrison power plant, this team has been a fixture in the Carolina N/T series

Veteran racer Bill Lutz will be making the trip all the way down to South Georgia from Ohio, Bringing his 1967 Camaro with a twin turbo Hemi power plant

Jason richards will be piloting his nasty 1968 Camaro which you can see tearing up the Carolina N/T scene with a big cubic inch, nitrous assisted power plant.

Phil Bohley, and the twin turbo Mustang known as “Savage” Feature a proline power plant, tuned by the red hat mafia themselves.

Jimmy Blackmon will have his nasty 1968 Firebird pro mod on small tires for this race, featuring a wild 481x with twin turbos and a turbo 400

Xavier McBride has 2 spots in the race, but has decided to keep the mystery of the N/T world in tact with no info given. Can’t say we blame him with a group of heavy hitters like this coming to town

Jason Borum will have one of the most storied rides in small tire history, the sinister black Fox Body formerly campaigned by Brad Brand several years ago. The twin turbo Mustang should easily be capable of competing with any car on the property.

Your alternates will be

David Adkins, Known mostly for his wild Twin Turbo LS powered ’63 Impala he has campaigned in previous Radial VS the World races, David has announced he will be bringing a new car, another pro mod style car; this time a second generation Camaro also featuring an LS based power plant, and twin turbos. Also Jack Greene will be standing by should a spot open in a nitrous injected pro mod-style 1968 Firebird out of the Bankston Boyz camp.

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