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A Turbo CHEVY Motor in a 1967 Mustang!?

We’ve seen plenty of Fox Body Mustangs with GM power plants dropped between the framerails, but there are other iterations of Mustangs that can be made into strong running street and drag cars with a little help from The General. This one is one of the more iconic editions of the Mustang lineage, the 1967 version that stands out as having one of the most instantly recognizable profiles of any muscle car.

With what looks and sounds like a basically stock GM LQ9 nettled between the fenders, there is already a lot of potential performance under the hood, but strap on a turbocharger and the ballgame changes dramatically. With no mods at all, GM’s LS series of engines, which the LQ9 falls under, can make upwards of 700 horsepower under boost and live long and happy lives. If you upgrade the valve springs, drop in a boost-friendly cam, and have the engine tuned, you can push four digit horsepower levels out of an otherwise-stock engine. We aren’t sure if the one in this ’67 has any mods or if its straight out of the junkyard, but when it lays down a solid 11.02 elapsed time at 119 MPH on the final pass, it gives us a pretty good idea of what’s going on under the hood, and we like it!

With that classic Blue Oval styling and a rock-solid transplanted heart providing tons of power, the car should have easy 10-second potential with a little more fine tuning. Look for this car to be back on the radar whenever he’s able to put that power to the ground off the line and rip through the quarter with all of the boost channeled through the small rear tires. There’s no reason this car won’t run deep into the 10 second range, and possibly quicker, when those refinements are made.

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