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Aaron Kaufman Talks About His New Ventures, “Arclight Fab”

For those of you out there who have followed Aaron Kaufman’s journey since his surprise exit from Fast ’n Loud, we have an update for you, this from the bearded one himself from his new shop, Arclight Fab.

We’ve been following Aaron and the evolution of Arclight since it came to existence a few months ago, and he’s really beginning to define the company’s mission and lay out a plan for what he and his crew have in store. The staff is laser focused on building a more complete aftermarket for Ford’s F100 lineup. The market for GM’s pickup lines from the 50’s to now is massive and diverse, while the support for those of the Blue Oval persuasion is badly lacking, and that is what Aaron and Arclight Fab hope to resolve.

Aaron plans to have the company churning out many of the components soon, and possibly even a complete chassis, and by next year they’re hoping to have the full lineup of parts and component available as well as some custom wheel designs just for the F100 faithful. It’s no easy task jumping from a successful shop like Gas Monkey Garage and striking out to follow your own path, but it seems Aaron has assembled a quality team with clearly defined goals and they’re on a mission to achieve them.

The shop is located in Dallas and also plans to host F100-only events, such as days-long cruises through the Texas backroads, where the participants will cruise all day, then hang out with Aaron at night and share stories about the campfire. Look for much more to come from Aaron and the crew as the shop begins to produce components and fill the huge gap in the Ford pickup market. We expect nothing but great things for Kaufman and crew and we’ll be right here to keep you updated.



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