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Exploring The Abandon Truck And Car Factories Of Detroit

One of the most fascinating and simultaneously discouraging stories that has been told is that of the city of Detroit. Back in its heyday, the city would act as one of the strongest in America. It served as the true meaning of the American spirit. Not only did it produce the majority of the country’s automobiles but also would act as a model for that “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” mentality. The city omitted an aurora that made Americans want to get to work with the hope of a solid life.

These days, though, that American spirit seems to have subsided in Detroit. The passion and energy have been replaced with abandoned buildings. The streets are filled with grey and looming structures that mock those who wander the streets. These structures act not only as the remains of Detroit’s thriving reputation but also as a symbol of the local economy. Many parts of the city are nothing more than a ghost town that reminds us of the once-thriving culture. Whenever the city comes up, we can almost feel the energy of what once existed and how it has changed.

By this point in time, we hope that our readers have a pretty solid picture in their heads of what the city has become. However, The Proper People on YouTube decided that they would give us a visual to go alongside the story of Detroit.

In this video, they give us a tour of several abandoned auto plants. Among them, we see the Cadillac Stamping Plant and Fisher Body Plant #21. It really appears as if operations just halted one day and everyone took their stuff and left. Maybe one day, Detroit will rekindle the fire that once was lit beneath the spirit there. For now, though, the rubble is all that remains.

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