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ABANDONED In Storage For 22 Years – Rare Turbo Buick! Will it RUN AND DRIVE Home 750 Miles?

Sprinkled throughout YouTube land, we find all sorts of channels that strive to get old classic cars going once again. These presenters do so in a variety of different ways and we have to admit that one of our favorite formats comes with the individuals who go out into the field and find rusty old cars to try and bring back to life once again.

Believe it or not, many of these cars that have been sitting for years if not decades are only a few parts and a little bit of know-how away from firing up once again. It’s pretty incredible to see how well some of these things were made to the point where perhaps they could become drivers again with a little bit of TLC.

However, one of the things that stand between these cars sitting in a field and operating on the roadways is rust. Any time that somebody buys a car for a project, one of the first things that they should look at is just how much rust it has and if it’s even worth reviving or if it’s simply too far-rotted. In this situation, though, we find a unique gem that might’ve been saved from mother nature a bit as it was stuffed away in storage and hidden from the elements.

This time, we checked in with Vice Grip Garage as they have located an interesting specimen in an old Regal T-Type that seems to have been tucked away and forgotten about. Although it might’ve been better off than if it had sat in a field, time is no friend of machines that go unmaintained. After the attempt to get it started, we also watch as our host attempts to drive at home on a 750-mile road trip that definitely adds a new fold to these sorts of videos.

There is certainly a difference between just getting a car started and being able to take that car immediately on a several hundred-mile road trip. Check-in with the nuances of doing just that with this old school Buick in the video below.