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Absolutely INSANE Drag Race Wheelstand FAIL

Absolutely INSANE Drag Race Wheelstand FAIL

Rob Lacroix aka “The Insane Canadian” is shown in this video doing what he loves to do and that’s putting on a show! According to our friends at Urban Hillbilly, wheelstand contests are his thing and we can most definitely see why in this video.

As Rob takes off from the line, all goes as planned. He’s used to the car pulling the front wheels off of the ground, but what happens next during the wheelie is probably a bit unexpected.

As the car kisses the rear bumper to the ground, it gets a little off balance, sending the car airborne and thrusting it on its side with a epic crash.

As always, the driver was ok.  In fact, Rob was able to fix the car and bring it back to participate in the next round where he pulled another wheelie to make the cover of Car Craft Magazine!

Check out all of the action in the video below!

That was crazy but check out this video of the YEAR

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