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Accidental Building Demolition in Baltimore – One Expensive Mess Up

Whether it be a house or a commercial building, when it comes time to do a little bit of demolition, you can’t just go in there with guns blazing, swinging at everything in sight because sometimes, there are pieces to these buildings that need to stay in tact and you don’t want to go smashing something that you’re going to have to repair.

This time, we head to Baltimore, Maryland to catch up with one demolition job that ended up getting a lot more expensive then these guys have probably envisioned. Now, it looks like they were heading to knock down one building and instead, well, they got a little bit more than they bargained for out on this job site.

Instead of just knocking down the target building here, it looks like these guys ended up getting a two for one special as they also took down the building next-door! It looks like one structure had a little bit too much momentum behind it and fell right on the neighbors, knocking the building down entirely.

Check out the video below that shows off this epic fail that someone is going to have to explain. I most certainly wouldn’t want to be the one in charge of this operation when something like that goes down because that one would leave one heck of a bad mark on the resume.