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Deputy Drives Off With Gas Hose Still In Tank: ‘Accidents Can Happen To Anybody’

Every once in a while, you find yourself in a situation where you’ve simply had a lapse in focus, a time where maybe you’ve had a lot on your mind and before you know it, you missed out on a crucial piece of information that put you in a spot that might be a bit awkward and potentially embarrassing. Fear not, though, because everyone finds themselves in a precarious situation every now and then where it seems like it would be so simple to avoid but a synapse in your brain just wasn’t firing right and you had a bit of a moment for yourself.

The funny part about this kind of thing happening to anyone is that there’s really no limitations. Just think of all of the athletes who scored on the wrong side of the playing surface or maybe politicians who just happened to say something the wrong way. In this one, though, we see an on-duty police officer who just so happened to have a little bit of a moment and it’s something that we’re sure none of his co-workers are going to let him live down. He might never stop getting poked at over this one!

If you follow the segment below, you’ll see how exactly this officer managed to drive away from a gas pump without taking the nozzle out of his patrol vehicle, ripping it off of the pump before he proceeded to keep on going. Something like that certainly made for a picture perfect moment that this poor guy is going to have to see all over the place now! Hopefully he’s able to laugh with us here as this is one of those times where you can’t help but give into all of the jokes that are surely flying around about the incident.