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After Watching This Grueling Suspension Test You Might Think Twice About Cutting Your Springs…

Throughout my life as a gearhead, I’ve come across dynos of all sorts. Of course, there’s the engine dyno, a fairly common test stand for measuring the torque and horsepower output of an engine at the flywheel. There are chassis dynos, also pretty common, for testing the horsepower and torque levels of a car at the wheels. I’ve also seen Brake dynos that measure the stopping power of various braking systems, clutch dynos for testing the clamping power of different clutches, and even got to peek inside DSR’s ultra-badass blower dyno that the race team uses for testing it’s superchargers.

This is the first stone I’ve seen for testing a suspension system, and it may very well be the most fun to watch out of all of the test setups I’ve found. This thing is awesome to watch in action, as it’s basically half of a car being tortured in a rolling simulation that mimics what appears to be a bit of spirited track driving, or at least hitting some twisties on the back roads outside of town. The whole thing looks very cool, especially when you get such an up-close look at the suspension components in real-time flexing and compressing and working to keep the tires planted on the simulated roadway.

We couldn’t help but notice during the views of the shocks and springs that the coil springs themselves seem to be doing all they can to keep the shocks in contact with the rollers, meaning cutting rounds out of them for aesthetics would definitely have an adverse impact on their ability to do their job, so let’s keep that in mind next time we decided to cut or torch the springs for the sake of lowering the suspension.

This is easily one of the coolest videos we’ve ever seen and we think you’ll enjoy it too. Tell us in the comments back on Facebook what other kind of dynos there are out there that we have yet to come across, and we will see what we can dig up on those.

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