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Aircraft Carrier Drifting & Doing Donuts – USS Abraham Lincoln EXTREME High-Speed Turns

The USS Abraham Lincoln, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, recently underwent it’s midlife refueling and complex overhaul (RCOH) for it’s pair of onboard nuclear rectors. As part of the refueling cycle, the carrier also underwent a series of upgrades that brought the vessel, first commissioned in 1989, up to modern specs and ensured it is seaworthy for another several decades of service.

The USS Abraham Lincoln is a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier that operates at up to 30 knots and, thanks to the nuclear power propulsion units, has an infinite range of operation. The ship carries up to 3,200 soldiers, airmen and crew and 90 fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. Thanks to the RCOH, the Lincoln is now among the most technologically advanced carriers on the ocean.

Throughout its life, the Lincoln has been used often for rescue operations, serving as a ferry for evacuees fleeing the erupting Mt. Pinatubo. After the successful rescue operation, the ship saw it’s first active operations in the Persian Gulf, where it provided reconnaissance and combat air patrols for Operation Desert Storm. From there, it served dutifully until 2013 when it was taken out of service to being the refueling and overhaul operations. As part of its return to duty, the ship had to undergo a series of sea trials, including the series of sharp high-speed turns seen in the video below. Operating at speed, the ship is turned at full lock, causing it to lean heavily, which would have to be an uneasy feeling for those on board. However, the ship handles the forces of the turns with ease, proving its seaworthiness and allowing it to successfully be retuned to service among the fleet. We’re proud to see such a badass military vessel back on the seas, helping ensure our continued freedom and continue our military supremacy around the world.


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