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Airplane Trick Shots With Dude Perfect Looks Extremely Fun!

If you have never seen the guys at “Dude Perfect” in action, basically, they started off doing small trick shots involving all sorts of different sports balls and, as their act continued, it has grown larger and larger until it has gotten massive, propelling them to millions of subscribers on YouTube and allowing the team the ability to partner with tons of your favorite brands. However, with a category like this that seems to be pretty straightforward, these guys are left to innovate time and time again to make sure that they don’t get stale, bringing new tricks to the table. It might sound easy, but think about it for yourself. How many different ways can you think of creating a trick shot of some sort?

This time, the guys go to another level entirely, using even more props to take their stunts to a new level, throwing foam gliders into the act, hurling them through the air with incredible precision that looks like it took a long time to put together. As with many of their showcases, this one had to take them a good amount of practice to get just right. When you watch it, you can see just how much effort they put in as you’ll probably drop your jaw to the ground when you see some of the things that they’re able to accomplish with the gliders. Who would have thought that something like this could be possible with such simple planes?

Check out the video below as they break out all sorts of obstacles and use their keen eye for a good trick to put these props through all kinds of different challenges on their way to making this killer video that will have your attention from start to finish. Personally, whenever Dude Perfect releases a video like this, I can’t help but watch it and this one is certainly more of the same as they up the ante yet again. When are these guys going to run out of ideas? Just when you thought they couldn’t top themselves, they always do!


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