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Alex Laughlin Puts No Prep Car Up For Sale, Announces New Plans

Alex Laughlin Puts No Prep Car Up For Sale, Announces New Plans

For those who have been following the Alex Laughlin saga, it has been an interesting one as of late. Let’s just say that Alex has been an incredibly busy guy. In addition to racing in Pro Mod, Pro Stock, and Radial vs the World, he has also taken a dive, headfirst, into the world of no prep.

In order to compete on this journey, Alex had created an all-new machine. The Chevrolet Camaro has been featured here several times on Speed Society. Clad in a majestic gray color, the machine is a certified attention-getter. You can certainly color us impressed with this Camaro. However, even before the car has really made its competitive debut, Alex already has this thing on the chopping block. That’s right, the no-prep machine is up for sale.

Instead, Laughlin will be hopping behind the wheel of his Radial vs the World Chevrolet Corvette to take on the world of no prep. This news comes after a back-and-forth controversy that had the Camaro unable to participate in Outlaw Armageddon. After a rule dispute over the shape of the nose, the car that Laughlin built exclusively for no-prep needs a new owner. Many might’ve called it quits after being denied entry but Laughlin is bound and determined. He’s coming for the no-prep crown!

In a comment in the “for sale” Facebook post, Alex said “I didn’t want to have to do it sometimes it be like that. Fits every single rule too. Game On/Game Over.”

It really seems as if he is coming after the no-prep scene with an absolute vengeance. We would be on the lookout for that bright blue Corvette to make an impact as Alex gets dialed in with the new format.


In addition, as a Speed Society exclusive, we have received news that Laughlin will not be giving up Radial vs the World competition. Just because his RvW car is now designated for no prep doesn’t mean he’s calling it quits. Stay tuned for the new machine that Alex will soon be adding to the stable.