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Alex Laughlin to Join Winter Meltdown 4 No Prep Race In Order To Prove Doubters Wrong

Alex Laughlin Set To Tackle Yet Another New Challenge

NHRA Pro Stock and Pro Mod Racer, Alex Laughlin, made a big announcement this past weekend. The exciting news came down when he threw his name into the no prep world hat. Not many thought he would never be willing to jump into this world. In fact, Alex has made some less than flattering remarks about.

Alex is no stranger to outlaw drag racing. He’s competed in many of Duck X’s races. This includes a pair of Sweet 16 races, a Lights Out victory, and a runner up at a No Mercy event. However, this is a bit different. Instead of the “Flypaper” tracks, he’s accustomed to, these guys do the exact opposite. Where most tracks like to apply traction compound to the surface to make it hook better, these guys are stripping all the rubber and traction compound. The whole idea isn’t to promote traction but to avoid it. The challenge has proven to be a major draw.

Here’s a video of Alex winning Lights Out 10 in the Corvette:

We asked Alex some question about the transition and Alex was an open book.

Speed Society: Why no prep?

Alex: Well, I’m taking one of the baddest radial cars on the planet and going to no prep race with it. Why? To prove a point. I don’t really care to race no prep. So once I have the success we hope to, I may just hang it up. It isn’t about outrunning the Outlaws themselves, it’s about proving to their fans that constantly comment on my posts reminding me how I lost that I am actually faster and better

SS: Why take the Corvette?

Alex I’m taking the Corvette because we’ve already torn apart the new “no-prep” car to sell it.

SS: What had to be done to convert the car to big tires?

Alex: As far as converting the Corvette, basically all we have to do is put a different wheel and tire under it, reset the ride height, and change the four-link. I’m leaving all of the same gearing in the car for this race. Believe it or not, we are going to try to just run the radial tire first and see if we can’t get down that way. The car hooks and works great on that tire. It’ll run 3.60’s on a good track so we just want to dial it back to run 4.0 out there.

SS: Why Winter Meltdown?

Alex: I want to make this race because it’s pretty close to home and a good place for a first outing. We haven’t tested, haven’t changed anything on the car yet, and haven’t even started it since No Mercy. Just gonna shove it in the trailer and see what happens.

For those unfamiliar with what Winter Meltdown is, we got with promoter Matt Plotkin to gather some information for those that wish to either attend or watch the live stream on Speed Video.

The race is Winter Meltdown 4 and it happens December 6-7th at Alamo City Motorplex in San Antonio, Texas. They plan to scrape the surface down to bare concrete. This means if Alex can get down this surface he can likely get down any surface the no prep world has to offer. Past winners of the big tire class are defending Champion, Ryan Martin, in the Fireball Camaro, former No Prep Kings Champion, Birdman, won WM2, and the original winner, Chuck Parker, in The 55

Here is a highlight video of Winter Meltdowns Wild Rides: