Alex Laughlin Shows Up To Winter Meltdown 4 And Proves He Can No Prep

When it comes to racing in all shapes and forms, Alex Laughlin certainly has his act ...

When it comes to racing in all shapes and forms, Alex Laughlin certainly has his act together. Alex has proven that he could be competitive in both Pro Stock and Pro Mod formats. Before he knew it, Alex would be competing in drag radial racing in the renowned Radial vs the World-class. He would end up taking home victory in a highly competitive environment.

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It seems like he wants to and is capable of competing just about everywhere. As such, Laughlin is quickly rising to one of the most well-rounded names in all of drag racing.

This time, Alex is at it again as he’s taking on something completely new. Up until now, Laughlin has pretty much stuck to the premise of racing that has glue laid down for traction. It turns out that he doesn’t discriminate racing surfaces, though. Instead, this time, we follow along as he decided to go to no prep racing.

For those unacquainted, essentially, no prep racing takes the sticky surface designed to hold power and strips it away. Therefore, drivers have to operate their machines much differently. Thousands of horsepower are going to be tricky to get to the ground when it consists of bare concrete.

When all of these factors come together, it can certainly go a little bit haywire. Even for a drag racing professional, transitioning to the no-prep surface could require a whole variety of re-learning things that are already ingrained in one’s head as a drag racer.

By following along with the video below, we get to get up close and personal with Alex’s first showing on the no-prep scene. No matter how good of a driver he might be, it would be natural to think that just about anybody who is a first-timer at no prep would probably struggle. This is compounded by the fact that Alex hasn’t had all that much time to set up his Corvette for the task at hand.

However, it turns out that he did surprisingly well at Winter Meltdown. When watching the clip below, we would be so inclined to say that he looks like he’s done this a couple of times even though Laughlin is admittedly a novice in this world. – Doorslammer Racing Videos

Alex Laughlin WINTER MELTDOWN 2019

Alex Laughlin proved he wasn't scared to come No Prep Racing! Take a look as we talk with Alex about his first No Prep. We also got to speak with Cody Baker about his run with Alex.John DittmerCody's TransmissionsRick DynekNo Prep RacingStreet Outlaws & No-Prep Kings EnthusiastNoPrep FelonsStreet Outlaws No Prep AddictsWinter Meltdown 4 No-Prep ShootoutProject X PromotionsALAMO CITY MOTORPLEXAlex AustinBudget Boys RacingMady AyeshSpeed SocietyHot WheelsElite MotorsportsElisa Noelle

Posted by Doorslammer Racing Videos on Monday, December 9, 2019

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