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This [Almost] Brand New 1993 Viper Could be Yours!

Every once in a while, we come across a vehicle that has new car tendencies even though it may be quite aged. Sometimes, vehicles are purchased and put in an area to be collected. Other times, they’re simply

an anomaly that will allow a car to exist for a very long time without having an owner. For example, those guys who found this Chevrolet Camaro in a storage container with the original packaging still on it had to be in for quite a surprise. Another example that pops into mind is this brand-new Buick GNX that was for sale last year having never been registered.

This time, the machine that’s ready to find a new owner is none other than in 1993 Dodge Viper RT/10. That’s right, this thing is so old that the Viper name has already gone through several more life changes. In fact, the most recent Viper wasn’t even technically a Dodge anymore. As we know, today, the Viper nameplate has been laid to rest. Whether or not it will stay buried is a discussion for another time. Some speculation seems to think that we haven’t seen the last Viper yet but you get our point.

The Drive spotted this bad boy for sale on the Dupont Registry. Within the ad, they found that there was a “call for price” designation. We can’t help but be annoyed when sellers decide to do that. However, they would dig a bit deeper and find that the car with 181 miles on it is up for an ask of $81,900. We’ve been told that this particular Viper was made for the Canadian market. The car has spent the majority of its life sitting in a museum. It just so turns out that it’s ready to be taken on by a new owner. Maybe that owner is you! Below, we see a comparable machine, just to give everyone an idea of what we’re talking about.


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