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Alpha Omega WORLD RECORD – 7.70 @ 186MPH! INSANE!!

Alpha Omega WORLD RECORD – 7.70 @ 186MPH! INSANE!!

AMS’ Alpha Omega was headed out to take back the Nissan GT-R ¼ mile record. Shortly after their monumental win at the Texas Invitational, the team at AMS/ALPHA Performance decided to make the most of their 1,000+ mile trip to Texas.

Unfortunately, a timing system error and imminent awful weather went against their will to bust into the 7.7s and take the record. Just as the car rolled up to the line, the sky opened up and took away all hope for the day, temporarily cutting the journey short.

The following day the storm left behind a swell of humidity, which seemed to come down hard on the goals of the AMS crew, but they wouldn’t let a little bad weather get in the way of greatness.

They lined up, combatting the terrible density altitude and made a pass that seemed like it lasted forever, but the 7.7-second light popped up on the scoreboard and a huge wave of relief kicked in; they had done it! They had recaptured the title of quickest and fastest GT-R in the world.

Even though the car had broken the record, AMS is still shooting to bury it even deeper. We look forward to seeing how the maxed out Nissan will do in ideal conditions. Stay tuned, this may get even more interesting.