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Pop Cans Or Tin Cans? Aluminum body Tear

If there is one hot topic issue in the world of trucks, it would be that of Ford incorporating aluminum into a lot of their body construction. Now, whether or not this is something that would draw back on certain people buying a truck is really something that you’ll hear an argument about. Some think that the aluminum that is put into use in the construction of the bodies of these light-duty trucks is more than enough to stand up to what exactly it’s going to be used for, however, others debate that maybe you should stray away from the trucks If you plan on using them for any type of heavy lifting.

In this one, we get a chance to check out a real-world situation that shows how maybe aluminum might not be the greatest choice of body material. In this one, we get the opinion of a man who uses his Ford F-150 for work, making use of the space of the truck to haul around all sorts of different materials to job sites. However, he has at least one complaint with the truck as he seems to have dropped something out of the back seat and when it fell, it made a little bit more of a mark than he would have liked.

As a pump fell from the back seat of the truck toward the ground, the individual claims that he tried to do all that he could to stop it from hitting the surface below. Instead of hitting the ground, the pump ended up hitting the bottom of the door sill and rather than scratching or denting it, the pump went straight through, causing a huge gouge that’s really an eyesore to look at. We’re also imagining what would happen if something got dropped into that crack like a liquid that would hang out there forever, sloshing around, or so one would think. After seeing a video like this, be sure to tell us what you think of the use of materials that you’ll catch on the newer Ford pickup trucks.