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Always Wear your Biking Gear, Never Know when Something Completely Crazy is Coming

Out there on public roadways, things can get hazardous in a hurry. As imperfect humans hop behind the wheel of machines that weigh thousands of pounds and have all sorts of distractions and shortcomings in their abilities, just about any situation can unfold in a hurry. Even though a situation might appear to be going smoothly, you truly never know what’s coming right around the corner. There can easily be times when someone loses control of the situation and there are other motorists around. This is why you should always take the proper safety precautions like wearing your seatbelt are wearing riding gear if you’re on two wheels.

For this particular motorcycle rider, it looks like everything just happened so quickly that there wasn’t too much that he could possibly do about it. As he would continue down a highway at a seemingly reasonable rate of speed, it looks like the pickup truck in front of him had a driver who lost focus, planting the truck into the back of a stopped car. As the rider would attempt to react, it appears as if that reaction was a little bit too late as he would end up having to bail off of the bike, throwing it down on the highway and sliding along the surface of the road.

These exact kinds of situations are the ones that really make you cringe when you see somebody riding down the highway on a motorcycle wearing nothing more than a t-shirt or maybe even less. Fortunately, this guy does appear that he was wearing a proper safety jacket, one that was torn to shreds, otherwise, it would probably be his skin left behind on the road instead of pieces of the jacket. I’m sure that he’s okay with losing the investment in his safety rather than losing a part of his body.