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Amazing Truck Bed Extension And Lift Invention!

Across the landscape of hard working vehicles, there are a ton of people who have good ideas and put them into use! I’m sure that there are thousands of homemade contraptions that make work incredibly easy but haven’t hit the market yet. This might just be one of those ideas as this man has taken the liberty of wrenching on his Ford F-150 a little bit and making it even more functional, creating a sort of hydraulic lift gate to help load and unload whatever it is that you need to hoist up into the bed all without creating that extra need for back breaking labor!

With the help of this lift bed, the work of a group of men could easily be done by one person as the mechanism could be used to lift whatever it is that you need to get into the bed! With work like this, it wouldn’t be a shocker to see this guy getting picked up by a big name auto manufacturer to put his work into stock vehicles. This is definitely something that I could see Ford incorporating into their product lineup to entice potential buyers into buying one of their trucks as they bring the versatility to life!

Check out the video below that shows this invention coming to life and be sure to tell us if this is something that you could see yourself using on a regular basis. While it might make a regular truck more useful, perhaps it would be more worth it to you to just get a truck that is purpose built for the job at hand. Do you think that there are any modifications that could be made to this setup to make it even better? Perhaps a bed extension would be key to bringing that utility up another notch!