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Can Amazon Brand Oil Be Trusted? Test Time!

Is AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oil better than Mobil 1? Let's find out!

It was less than a decade ago when Amazon as we know it was just about unknown. There probably weren’t too many folks that could’ve predicted that the company that was designed to sell books online would be taking over the world in a variety of different ways as it surged to one of the top ten most expensive stocks in the world. It seems like every other day, the brand is expanding in some fashion, whether they’re purchasing a grocery store or finessing their way into the shipping industry. However, with how wide of a breadth of services and products that Amazon offers with its own private label, it’s almost not any kind of a surprise when a new branch pops up on the tree. It’s that sort of “expect the unexpected” mentality that has allowed Amazon to grow to the level that it has these days.

One of the most recent additions to the Amazon line of products that might’ve created just a little bit of a stir is the idea that the company will now be producing and selling their very own brand of motor oil. As an industry that has really figured out a way to play favorites, it seems like one where a barrier to entry might be rather high. After all, when it comes to our engines, consumers tend to trust the names that they know. It really leads one to wonder exactly how Amazon will be able to bridge this gap to the consumer’s trust.

The only way that we will truly be able to know if Amazon motor oil could ever really stand up to the competitors that have been an industry for years is to put them head-to-head and test them out. That’s exactly what we get here as the Project Farm YouTube channel digs into Amazon’s motor oil and compares it to the Mobil1 and Valvoline offerings to see if the new addition to the industry can step up to the plate with the heavy hitters. If Amazon continues to develop in this industry, it could be yet another place where they threaten to become the leader and put the security of the current industry leaders in jeopardy.