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Amazon Is About To Shut Down The Motor Oil Industry, Here’s How…

While it might seem like a drastic comment, I think that it’s one that is very realistic in the landscape of how we look at purchasing today when you say that, long story short, Amazon might be the one company that is single-handedly going to alter the future of commerce and retail.

It seems like every day they’re figuring out a way to take another industry by the horns and throw themselves in the ring to potentially become one of the industry leaders. While this might be great for the consumer, it may also have some companies running for cover as they’re trying to figure out how to compete with the ease of access and variety that Amazon can offer.

If you’ve ever tried to do an oil change, you can know that sometimes, the process can get rather expensive, even if you do it all on your own. Therefore, it may lead you to wonder when change is going to come to this process. The answer is “now,” at least if you ask Amazon.

In addition to other essentials that you might need throughout your life, Amazon has recently decided to add a new product to their appropriately named “Essentials” private label lineup in motor oil. As of yet, we haven’t seen a whole lot of solid results as to how the oil is going to hold up to the competition performance wise but obvious metrics give their brand a head start in two areas. When compared to other motor oils, Amazon’s full synthetic appears to have a better price point, if only by a couple of dollars for a 5-quart jug depending on what type of oil you choose from. In turn, you can bet that the Amazon Essentials oil is going to be first in line when recommended items from the site end up in your feed.

Will the oil stand up to the test? Only time will tell. However, once Amazon gets a strong foothold in the market, we could definitely see the price of oil being forced in a consumer-friendly direction.