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American Chopper- Cadillac CTS-V Bike Unveiled

American Chopper- Cadillac CTS-V Bike Unveiled

When building a bike, you might notice that one of the key aspects of your successful motorcycle build is pulled off by putting one of a kind aspects to the test.

This time, the crew at American Chopper took on the challenge of making a pair of bikes for Cadillac and what better than modeling a motorcycle off of a Cadillac CTS-V or classic Cadillac look?

From the taillights to the body lines, the CTS-V inspired build takes the liberty of bringing all of the greatness of Cadillac’s flagship performance car to the world of two wheels and on the other hand, the bike designed by Senior has a classic simplicity that’s hard to beat.

Take a look at this pair of Cadillac inspired rides in the video below and tell us which one you would ride off into the sunset with.

Check out this torture testing as a motorcycle tire gets run over a board filled with nails!

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