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American Pickers Find Extremely Rare 1947 Flathead Harley-Davidson

When it comes to all that the American Pickers end up going through, there is some serious hardware on the line. These guys go through goods from old artifacts to functioning automobiles and everything in between. This time, they’re taking a look at a vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycle. If there’s one bike that’s going to bring a good amount of money, it’s an old-school Harley. The history behind it really makes the bike even more special.

In this one, they take to the fields of Pennsylvania. The idea is to scout out a couple of garages to find their wares in. Eventually, they come across a lady who has a 1947 Flathead hiding away. After revealing the bike from underneath its cover, the guys start to go over it. Before long, they start to tell us a bit about what makes the machine so special.

Eventually, they come to find out that the bike might need a little bit of tender loving care. However, everything has its value. Even in a condition like this, the motorcycle could still be worth a good amount of money. It all just comes down to the question of if the owner is going to be willing to part with it or not. Obviously, the bike is going to be worth a touch less since it appears to need some engine work. How much less is up to negotiation.

By following the video below, we get to go through the exciting adventure that has us exploring this old school bike. It really seems like we really never know what the pickers are going to come up with next. In addition to the entertaining negotiations that these guys get themselves tied up in, we get to learn quite a bit as well. Who knows when we’re going to come across something like this on the road and think back to that American Pickers on the History Channel Rolodex to remember what it’s worth?

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