An Off-Road RV The Average American Can Afford!

When you’re talking about living off of the grid and mobilizing yourself so ...

When you’re talking about living off of the grid and mobilizing yourself so that you can travel the world all while being comfortable, there are lots of ways to go about doing it. Most of these ways might be pretty expensive but with the right eye for what to look for and a little bit of creativity, you can turn something simple into the perfect living combination without spending all that much money. This time, we check out an awesome machine that proves to be a pretty bad ass off-road RV that the average American could get their hands on.

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With the help of factory Cummins power, this retired military machine would have more than enough muscle to get the job done, creating living quarters that would be able to get out of its own way when you press down on the accelerator. Now, this thing started out as a $10,000 box with an engine attached, but with some upgrades, It would become the perfect living quarters all for what the owner and creator says is probably about $55,000 in cash. Now, that might seem like a good chunk of change but when you compare it to some of the other similar machines that you see out there, it’s really quite the deal.

Check out the video down below that takes you inside of this beast of a machine that has to be about the ultimate all around living quarters. It’s really not every day that you come across something like this and if you should find yourself to be one of those people who really likes to travel, it could definitely be a machine that gets the most use out of it. Do you think you could ditch living in a standard home and go abroad in something like this? It would take a special kind of person but for that person, the juice could very well be worth the squeeze.


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