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Anderson Brothers Rip Through Area 52 Off-Road Playground

Sometimes, when it comes to having fun in motorsports, you need to just go wide open. Going off the beaten path can be an absolute blast. When you have a high-performance machine at your disposal, things can really get the adrenaline pumping. This is especially true when you have an entire playground at your disposal to do with as you please.

For the Anderson Brothers, that would be very much the exact situation. In this one, they take a couple of high-performance off-road monsters to the ultimate playground. Known as Area 52, the off-road wonderland features all kinds of different challenges to put the machine of your choosing to the test.

Via TheRJ37 YouTube channel, “The Anderson brothers takeover Area 52, an out of this world dirt playground deep in the rolling green hills of Northern California. Area52 is created and owned by OG SXS and ATV racer Dana Creech. Dana was gracious enough to let us hit the 100ft plus jumps that are built into the natural terrain of the hills. Watch Dana, RJ , Ronnie and Special Guest @stolflyer go wild in their latest edit”

In this one, we get to ride along for the day filled with high flying antics. When it comes to laying into the throttle and really throwing their side-by-sides around, these guys are in it to win it. It looks like an absolute blast out there in the open.

By following along with the video below, we get put in the driver seat for ourselves. When it comes to a couple of high-performance off-roaders like this and even the lights of an airplane, how could you possibly not have fun? After this one, in fact, we think that you might be on the edge of adventure and ready to get into the action for yourself.

Photos – Daniel Schenkelberg

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