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Andrew Alepa’s C7 Corvette Race Car Throws Down 5200 HP On The Dyno

Ever since Texas-based Radial vs the World team owner Andrew Alepa drove this car off the dealership, his C7 Corvette has been the buzz of in the racing community. Yes, this car started life as a showroom stock C7 Corvette, although as you can see, it’s undergone a few changes to become the car seen below.

Andrew bought the car, took his wife to dinner, then dropped it off the next day to have the transformation begin. The car re-emerged a few months later looking remarkably like the stock iteration of itself, but oh was there so many changes.

I’m not going to get into the details, there are a few other videos out there that offer closer looks at the car and what all has been done, but for the car to be such a beast, it did, and still does retain much of the factory look. Under the hood, however, lies one of the most powerful engines money can buy, an engine so powerful that until very recently, there had been no dyno built that could accurately and safely measure the actual output.

For years, ProLine marketed its twin turbo Hemi with an “approximate” horsepower number. This was partially because each combination could be setup and tuned differently, leading to variations in maximum horsepower, and also because of the aforementioned problem of harnessing the horsepower with a dyno. But now that problem has been solved.

The crew at FuelTech bolted the car to a hub-style dyno and let it rip to find out once and for all what kind of horsepower and torque the PLR Hemi, force-fed by twin 102 MM turbos and controlled by FuelTech’s FT600, actually produced. Just a few seconds of wide open throttle and the numbers flashed on the screen: 5235 horsepower and 3035 ft/lbs of torque. To my knowledge, these are the highest numbers ever accurately measured on any dyno, just proving how insanely badass this combination really is.