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Angry Neighbor Confronts Guy Over His Loud, Cammed GT500

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on April 2, 2020

As car enthusiasts, sometimes, we might do things that kind of annoy our neighbors. Most of us have been there. The situations can range from dirty looks to a full-on confrontation.

Whether it’s simply having a loud car or perhaps working late hours in the garage, a little bit of awareness goes a long way here. There is certainly a fine line between having the right to do things and simply being a nuisance. Figuring out where that line resides is strictly based on the individual in question.

Let’s just say that there are some neighbors who don’t respect that line and really fly off the hanger at almost nothing. Car fans aren’t always innocent, though. On the other hand, there are enthusiasts who don’t realize that there is even a line at all.

This time, we tune in as a couple of people are fighting over exactly where that line resides. It appears as if the uploader of this video is the proud owner of a cammed Shelby GT500. Spoiler alert: one of his neighbors hates it!

To be frank, the car is definitely pretty loud. However, we aren’t the judge or the jury here. Sorry, but you’re going have to have to find somebody with a law degree to figure this one out.

In any case, it turns out that this Shelby owner’s neighbor isn’t too fond of his car. In fact, when he was in the driveway, warming it up, the neighbor decided to come out and have a couple of choice words with the Mustang owner. Let’s just say that he wasn’t too happy with the sound the car was making.

By following along with the video below, we actually get to watch as the exchange of words was recorded. After watching this one, who do you think was in the wrong here? We get that there are certain situations where a neighbor might be a little bit angry. At the end of the day, sometimes a loud car is just a loud car, though.


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