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Angry Police Officer Tazes Biker Running From Cops

Generally speaking, guys on bikes who run from the cops manage to get away, at least those who are willing to upload their videos and risk being outed to authorities. However, on occasion, a biker will get caught up by the police and find themselves within reach of the long arm of the law, which generally lands them in pretty hot water.

Or, sometimes they find themselves staring down the business end of a police-issued tazer. This bike rider ended up on the sidewalk and, despite being part of a massive group of bikes, he was singled out as a target for the officer shown in the clip. Jumping out of his SUV cruiser, the cop seems to waste almost no time in shoving the biker off of his motorcycle and tazing him, sending him to the ground in a heap. We can’t hear what’s said between the bike rider and the policeman, but it’s hard to believe anything the biker said justified the tazing.

Of course, we never want to to be too quick to take sides or judge, so we’ll let the case play out and see what other info comes to light before we condemn either man.