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Another Ford Mustang heads straight towards a crowd at Cars and Coffee

Another Ford Mustang owner has done it again, and when we say done it again we mean almost hitting a crowd with children in it. Luckily everyone in the crowd was paying clear attention to what was going on and they were able to escape sudden death by scattering with quickness as the Mustang came sliding at them.

As the Mustang comes to a stop we notice the rear passenger side wheel is bent in and we then realize serious damage has been inflicted on the car, but luckily the people in the crowd were uninjured. The only injury that happen on this day is to the ego of the Mustang driver.

If this didn’t keep on happening weekend after weekend at cars and coffee evernts around the world, we wouldn’t be preaching to Mustang owners to stop showing off in their cars… but it has gotten to a point where someone needs to say something at each event before everyone tears out of parking lots across the world with crowds watching.


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