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Smooth Talking Cadillac Salesman Gets in Over his Head, Wrecks new CTS-V

Okay, I have to admit that if I were selling a car like the third generation supercharged Cadillac CTS-V, there might be times where I simply couldn’t help myself from laying into the throttle and showing potential customers just exactly what this beast of a machine is capable of when you get yourself a nice stretch of road. It’s not exactly easy to keep your foot out of the impatiently waiting 640hp under the hood!

This time, that’s exactly what this smooth talking salesman does as he’s spilling out his sales pitch and trying to impress potential buyers, when all of a sudden, it all comes unraveled and that layer of cool immediately gets stripped back in a situation where this guy simply got in over his head.

With all of that power, there’s most certainly a learning curve that goes along with figuring out how to handle it and even though this guy practically drives around cars as a big part of making his living, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that he can handle all of the power under the hood of the brand’s supercharged flagship performance sedan.

Check out the video below as a blind corner sneaks up on the salesman and he ends up putting the car right into a trolley. I’m sure this isn’t how he’s expected his day to end up going when somebody asked to test drive the new V. I wonder how the following situation went when he had to explain this one to his boss.