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AquaCraft Revolt 30 RC Boat RIPS On The Water

Posted by: Matt Wright on February 12, 2015

AquaCraft Revolt 30 RC Boat RIPS On The Water

Thanks to this Aquacraft Revolt remote control boat, there’s now another quite expensive toy that has been added to our wish list. How could you see this thing and NOT want to play with it?

Via the uploader, “It looks fast — even when it’s on display! The Revolt 30 has a sleek, mono hull design profile that slices through the water, a brushless power system that puts you out in front, and lots of genuine high-performance GrimRacer parts.”

Check out the video below of the boat ripping around in a small body of water. Next up, they need to figure out how to attach a GoPro to this thing then the fun will really begin!

The R/C insanity continues with this wild 6×6.



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