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Are Robot Lawn Mowers Actually Any Good? Let’s Find Out

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on June 9, 2021

The future is upon us and it seems as if more and more tasks that involve any level of effort are being taken out of our hands. Sometimes, the effort is something as simple as picking up a phone. Instead, we have all sorts of voice-activated programs that are designed to be able to eliminate that one simple task.

On the other hand, we have some more complicated tasks that are being taken over by artificial intelligence as well. One of the most popular on the cutting edge of technology right now is headed by Tesla and its self-driving vehicles. It’s a trend that lots of the automotive industry seem to be hopping in on as self-driving cars are coming at us fast.

Another area that seems to be taking the effort away is that of cutting the lawn. Sure, you could pay somebody to come and do the landscaping work. However, that recurring payment is going to stack up over time. Instead, there’s an alternative floating around out there that doesn’t require you to do the work and also eliminates the need to pay someone.

With the help of robot lawnmowers, theoretically, people are able to sit back and relax while their lawn is adjusted. It seems like a dream world for somebody who has been caught in between the idea of paying a landscaper and sweating it out on weekends.

How good is this technology, though? Does it work well?

This time, we dive into just that question to see if self-propelled lawnmowers are any good. With the help of Silver Cymbal, we get to go over the landscape to see exactly what’s out there and how it performs. At the end of the day, the idea of combining the likes of a Roomba vacuum cleaner with a lawnmower seems to be genius.

Is it an idea that’s too good to be true, though?


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