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Are You Ready for LS Fest West 2018?!?

Over the past decade or two, engine combinations have come and gone. I think that it goes without saying, naturally, that some of these combinations have really found a way to be more popular than others and one that has really stuck around and gathered what many would call the biggest following for a group of engines is the LSx platform. Because of its affordability when compared to other applications that live up to it on the stat sheet, ease to make power, and longevity, people have really clung to these things, essentially bolstering the reputation of this line to the point where it has a pretty substantial fan club behind it.

If you should’ve just so happened to fall into this group of people who can’t get enough of the LS engine, Holley Performance’s LS Fest might just be where you need to be. For half a decade now, LS enthusiasts have been gathering together in Bowling Green, Kentucky and doing all sorts of racing and showing off their rides, but as of last year, there’s now an option for folks who live out west who simply want to have an excuse to get to Las Vegas to head out to the City of Sin and indulge in more LS-based action then they can handle! Like the event in Bowling Green, you can expect all different forms of on-pavement racing, drifting, and shows, however, out in the desert, you’ll also get multiple forms of off-road competition to compliment them.

When you follow along down in the video below, you get a little bit of a taste of what you can expect out at LS Fest West, the event that is going to get your Chevrolet performance gears turning in such a way that will have you laying awake at night, waiting for the calendar to turn to early May, May 4-6 to be more specific, so that you can make the trip out for yourself. This is definitely one of those events that we would recommend heading out to check out and making sure that it’s highlighted on your calendar as well.