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ARK Performance Turns 2015 Hyundai Genesis Into Super SEMA Sedan

Hyundai has done one hell of a job transforming the Genesis. The first generation machine was a novel take on a segment on which Germany has held a tight grip. There were hints of luxury, but the car was overall a B- effort. Now though, Hyundai offers up the second-generation Genesis and it’s a true shot across the bow of the perceived Teutonic stranglehold on the luxury sedan world.

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Still, the car can be pushed even further. Need proof? ARK Performance has just what you’re asking for.

The Specialty Equipment Market Association show, or SEMA, is just around the corner, and that means you should be getting primed for a wide range of customized vehicles. The crew at ARK Performance has got its hands on a new Genesis, and it’s done a fairly wonderful job of transforming the car.

On the outside, the car gets aggressive front and rear fascia upgrades. Additionally, a set of lightweight forged wheels help set off the entire look. The rear looks a little “stancey” for our tastes, but the exterior of the car is otherwise quite good looking. Inside, ARK has added custom diamond panel stitched pieces courtesy of Katzkin.

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This isn’t an all-show no-go machine though, thankfully. Under the hood, sits Hyundai’s familiar 5.0-liter V-8, which has been upgraded with a Rotrex supercharger, a new intake, and plenty of exhaust bits. The engine mods are reportedly good for an additional 130 horsepower, meaning a new peak of 550 horses—more than enough to get this super sedan moving quite quickly. A set of Brembo brakes and suspension upgrades will help make sure the car can also turn and stop, which is always nice.

Source: Motor Authority

By: Jeff Glucker