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Armageddon Twin Turbo Cadillac Escalade Hits The Dyno

If you’re a gearhead, there’s a good chance that you can relate to this video. Even though most people would see a brand-new Cadillac Escalade and be able to leave it alone and just drive it, there’s something inside of us that just can’t seem to do anything of the sort. No matter what it is that we’re behind the wheel of, we can’t keep our fingers off of it as we have this need to make everything better in some way, particularly when it comes to the power underneath of the hood that makes it a lot more fun when you stomp on the accelerator.

This time, we catch up with famed bass-head, Steve Meade, as he catches us up to speed with his twin turbo Escalade as it receives a little bit of love from Overkill Performance in Sacramento. This time, it seems like the guys are just getting this machine dialed in as it hits the dyno rollers and receives a little bit of tuning care.  They might not have a completely dialed in yet as they’re looking at a couple of extra parts, like an exhaust cutout, to really make it sing, but we are incredibly impressed by what they’ve accomplished. I mean, what else could you possibly ask for? You have the utmost luxury, a smooth ride, and now the power to make it really go!

Check out the video below to get your eyes on this incredibly smooth ride as it comes to life in front of our eyes, sporting a little bit of boost to make an already crazy machine even crazier. If you heard this Escalade roll up next to you with those turbos sneezing under the hood, we almost guarantee that this is something that would be bound to turn heads everywhere that it goes. It takes a special combination to be somewhat subtle yet also have everybody looking at you at the same time and I think this Escalade does just that.