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Arnold Schwarzenegger Takes the Coolest German SUV and Turns it Electric

When it comes to how exactly you plan on dumping your money into an SUV, many would argue that the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon is definitely one of the most popular selections that you could make. If you ask Hollywood about it, you will probably get the same answer a lot as you continuously see these things in the hands of people who are known for being in front of a camera. They really seem to be one of those vehicles that are pretty flashy to get behind the wheel of and kind of make a status statement. After all, if you look at the imposing presence of one of these beasts, you can’t really deny that it’ll make everybody in the area aware of your presence.

This time, however, we check out a G-Wagon that isn’t exactly the same as all the rest of them. With someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger behind the build, you might guess that it would be something off-the-wall and this SUV is certainly right in that lane of thinking. In fact, if you approached this particular SUV and started poking around it, when you found out what was under the hood, you might just take a step back and scratch your head when you see the power plant that is probably as polarizing as it gets; you either love it or you hate it!

It is all available to check out when you follow along down the video below as you get a little bit of a taste of what exactly an electric powered Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon looks like. With the way that everything is moving, it might not be long before we have electric cars absolutely everywhere. Whether or not you like it doesn’t really matter because regardless of the fear from gearheads like ourselves, it really seems like electric power is on its way to a massive movement!