Suspect Charged With Attempted Murder in Times Square C63 AMG Burnout That Left One NYPD Officer Injured

Two suspects have been taken into custody in New York City after video of them ...

Two suspects have been taken into custody in New York City after video of them driving recklessly and almost running down an NYPD officer went viral last week. The video hit social media where it spread quickly thanks to the intensity of the altercation involving the black Mercedes C63 AMG sedan and an NYPD officer attempting to stop the car after it was seen doing burnouts on 42nd Avenue in the heart of Times Square. The driver has been charged with attempted murder… Do you think it is justified?

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“Authorities believe 20-year-old Arfhy Santos was driving the vehicle that struck the officer while fleeing the scene, and that 24-year-old William Lopez was the passenger. Both are from the Bronx. Santos is charged with attempted murder, assault and reckless endangerment, while Lopez is charged with reckless endangerment and reckless driving.” – ABC 7 News

The officer tried, rather foolishly I have to say, to stop the vehicle using nothing more than his own body. Of course, most people are going to stop when a cop walks in front of them after doing something as absurd as doing a rolling burnout in one of the busiest parts of New York City. This driver, however, had other plans, driving off and nearly taking the officer with him as he fled. He proceeded to the next street, where he made a right turn and literally smashed his way though traffic to freedom, at least temporarily.

The suspects were identified and had their photos released yesterday and were taken into custody last night. According to the authorities, 20 year old Arfhy Santos and 24 year old William Lopez were arrested in Harlem, where officers tracked them to an apartment on 144th street. The suspects attempted to flee the apartment as well, but officers apprehended them before they could escape out a window.

Both suspects have prior arrests, including similar reckless driving incidents. Santos, who was believed to be driving the Benz at the time of the run in shown in the video, has 8 prior arrests, while Lopez, the cars registered owner, has three priors. Police are also seeking at least once more occupant from the vehicle. We’ll bring any much updates to the story as they become available.

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