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Artificial Intelligence Imagines Upcoming 2025 Corvette “Zora”

With as many exciting releases as the automotive market has seen over the last couple of years, we still can’t help but want to look forward. Perhaps, on the cutting edge of looking forward, we find automotive YouTuber, Brian MelloMello uses his channel to discuss what the future might look like for General Motors across a variety of different platforms.

One of his most recent concepts has involved the use of artificial intelligence to try to predict what exactly future releases might have in store for us.

Naturally, GM’s flagship sports car in the Chevrolet Corvette is going to draw the most interest as far as what it’s going to look like with future iterations. After switching from its front engine configuration to an exotic-style mid-engine layout, the Corvette is still moving forward with a full head of steam. Recently, enthusiasts would be treated to the release of both the Z06 and hybrid E-Ray model. However, the best days for the C8 still ahead as a rumored “Zora” or “ZR1” model are likely on the horizon.

Not only will this model boast the highest performance as far as the C8 Corvette goes, it’s also safe to assume that it will provide the most aggressive styling that the platform has to offer as well.

Below, our host uses an artificial intelligence tool to spit out what the upcoming Zora might look like. By starting with a 2023 Z06, lowering the stance, and asking the AI to provide a more aggressive performance-oriented design, Mello is on the right track. When he also asks the machine to use Koenigsegg’s design and the existing Corvette E-Ray as reference points, we eventually find a rendition of a car that could potentially look like something that General Motors has in store for 2025 or beyond.

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