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As if Flooding Wasn’t Bad Enough, These Cars Got Frozen in an Iceberg

Whenever you are in a bad situation, the world seems to have a way of showing you that there are definitely ways that it could be worse. A perfect example of this is when it snows. After it snows and you just had a bunch of white stuff dumped on your car that you need to clear off before you can operate it, it might seem like a rather frigid pain in the rear end. After all, you have to march your way outside in the morning, wrapped up in your jacket but still freezing cold, while you use the little inadequate stick that you purchased to remove all the snow and ice from your vehicle before driving.

Getting the snow off your ride might be an undesirable situation, however, when you see a video like this unfold, there is a whole new factor thrown into the mix, making you more appreciative that all you have to worry about is a little bit of snow on your windshield. Instead, the people who have the cars featured in this video had to deal with a whole lot more as mother nature would hit them and hit dem incredibly hard. As if flooding wasn’t enough to really ruin their weekends, these people had to be hit with a cold spell that would then take the liberty of encasing their cars completely in an iceberg as well.

Follow along down in the video below to see the carnage that was left behind when mother nature was done having her fun. Maybe the next time that you find yourself out there scraping your windshield clear of all the precipitation that fell last night, you might just have a flashback to this scene and realize that it could be a lot worse. You could be in a spot where it’s completely impossible to get your car free at all.

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