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Attempted wheel theft at a local dealership

With newer cars and trucks having fancy wheels installed on them, it has become pretty common for thieves to target car dealerships and attempt to steal the wheels in order to sell them for a profit. There have been stories of criminals hitting car dealerships and leaving whole sections of vehicles sitting on blocks after they stole a whole collection of wheels and tires.

This time, we drop in on an attempted wheel theft at a local dealership that doesn’t exactly go how these criminals would have liked. We’re able to watch in on a security camera that was able to capture all of the action as these guys attempted to swoop in and steal a set of wheels off of a new Chevrolet Suburban.

However, after a not so smooth attempt, the police would roll up on the scene to see exactly what these guys were up to. This was when the whole operation went south and they decided to bolt off into some nearby bushes, only to be found by law enforcement and arrested on the spot. These two don’t look like they’re the smartest duo on the streets!

When it comes down to it, crime never pays and that was a lesson that these guys had to learn the hard way. I bet that whatever profit they were going to make off of those wheels wasn’t even close to worth being arrested and locked up for. It has to be embarrassing to go down for something as stupid as trying to steal a set of wheels.