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Audi R8 Chasing Two Bikes On The Autobahn… These Guys Are Crazy!

There are different levels of crazy in this world and sometimes, that form of crazy might just give off an adrenaline rush for those involved and those who get the watch the video. This is a situation that we don’t recommend anybody try out but it provides video that you simply can’t look away from. The whole story takes place on the Autobahn, a freeway that’s well known for its sections of road that have no speed limit and therefore, allow for high-intensity pulls as drivers rocket down the scenic route, trying to climb to wild speeds.

This time, the mean to that high-speed are nothing other than a pair of motorcycles and an Audi R8 with a driver that has a heavy foot. It’s insane to watch as the car and the bikes weave back and forth through traffic, playing a sort of game of cat and mouse that starts to get up to speeds that will make your mind boggle. From the footage, it’s not hard to tell that it appears as if someone took the liberty of speeding this one up a little bit but even as you watch the speeders make their way down the highway, you can tell that they’re going way beyond the speed of the other people traveling in traffic as they weave in and out of other cars that are going with the flow and you see the speedometer creep to north of 175mph!

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to watch as the car really keeps up with these other two-wheeled freaks, showing us what it’s got as it goes head-to-head with the pair of bikes to really get the blood pumping. I can’t say that this type of driving is something that I would ever want to attempt, however, I would be lying if I said that my eyes weren’t trained on the screen when watching other people try it out.