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Audi R8 Plus vs Renault Clio Cup racecar | evo TRACK BATTLE

Renault vs. Audi

Well this was unexpected. An Audi R8 Plus vs. Renault Clio Cup: a bit of a one-sided track battle, surely? Not in this case. The V10-powered R8 plus may enjoy a 322bhp advantage in the Renault’s company, but this is no ordinary Clio: its a stripped-out racing car with slick tires and a racing paddleshift gearbox.  Let’s look at these two a bit more.

Audi R8

The 5.2 liter V-10 in the Audi delivers 542 horsepower and estimated 391 ft/lbs of torque and is a true supercar.  But this one is tuned for the street and is more along the lines of a daily driver vehicle with safety and creature comforts like A/C, Stereo, ABS, etc…


The Renault Clio Cup on the other hand is a 1.6 Liter Turbo 4 Cylinder with 220hp.  This little pocket rocket is all dressed up for race day.  He is sporting a Full cage, Race slicks, racing transmission with paddle shifters, and weighs about 1,100 lbs lighter than the R8.

This is a great example where power is nothing without control.  The Audi takes off in the straight aways like a rocket, but is limited in the turns.  This is the exact opposite for the Renault Clio.  This little racer sticks to the corners like it was bolted to the track.

You won’t believe how close this race is.  Let battle commence.  Make sure you share it so others can see the post as well. Facebook is changing things daily making it harder for us to get you sick car / speed related content.