Audi RS6 Launch Control Show Off Goes Horribly Wrong

If you have a toy like launch control to play with, it can be difficult to not end up ...

If you have a toy like launch control to play with, it can be difficult to not end up tinkering with it. How can you, as a car enthusiast, possibly resist stepping your foot into the throttle and listening to the exhaust note that fluctuates as your car gets itself ready to launch hard? It may be a difficult task which isn’t always a bad thing, however, should you find yourself getting into your car and going to do some spirited driving, you should try to choose to do it in the most appropriate place possible. You wouldn’t want to end up getting caught in a bad situation, after all.

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In this one, we catch up with someone who is behind the wheel of an Audi RS6 trying to show off the launch control feature and get a little video of it. If you’ve seen how videos on the internet normally pan out then you know that this one isn’t going to end great. You could probably get some sort of an idea of where this is all going. It just so turns out that the person behind the wheel must’ve had some sort of mishap as they managed to encounter an error when attempting to play with the launch control here. The result wasn’t pretty to watch.

If you follow along with the video below, you’re able to catch up with a short clip that starts out pretty promising but ends with quite clunk that will have you cringing quite hard. It just so turns out that, on the other end of this mishap, there was another car that most certainly wasn’t moving when it was plowed into. I guess that, in the scheme of things, there are just going to simply be situations were you end up being unlucky. It’s not exactly clear why this fail happened so quickly but it definitely managed to spiral out of control in no time.

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