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AUSSIE Racer Hits The STATES -vs- Murder Nova

AUSSIE Racer Hits The STATES -vs- Murder Nova

When it comes to those who are in line to get a shot at Street Outlaws star, Murder Nova, we would imagine that the line spans out the door and around the corner.

This time, the challenger to face off with this menacing Chevrolet Nova is none other than an Australian racer by the name of Sutart Henry with his ’71 Ford Capri on hand at the Outlaw Street Car Reunion at Memphis International Raceway.

Check out the video below as the Aussie car that was freshly shipped over for the 2015 season goes at Murder Nova with a little help from a 615ci big block Chevrolet and a shot of nitrous!

Murder Nova shows us how wild his car really is when he pulls THREE WHEELIES in one race.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 11.35.01 AM




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