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Australia VS USA – Burnout Contest – Powercruise 2018!

If you want to talk about a burnout display the will really blow your mind, you’d better check out the skid pad competitions that they have going on down in Australia, throwing powerful cars into the mix as they throttle down and really have at it, pushing their high powered machines to the limit as they absolutely brutalize the tires, turning that black rubber into white smoke in a hurry. It’s all about who can make the most noise and the biggest cloud. These contests can be a truly great time, that is, if you can manage to get the party started in exactly the right way.

In this one, we check out a couple of drivers who were really in it to win it, revving up high and chucking clouds into the sky at Powercruise 2018. With how gung-ho some of these drivers were, you can bet your bottom dollar they were about to put on the display of a lifetime even though a couple of them would never come through to fruition as they would plow into the wall and prevent the coming show. Hey, I guess that at the end of the day, hitting the wall is a show for the spectators here in and of itself!

If you follow down in the video below, you’ll see some of the biggest tire roasters that Australia has to offer in a stark comparison to the burnouts that you might find yourself spectating here in the States. Some of these guys are really adamant about turning rubber to smoke and the show that follows is really nothing short of amazing as it’s hard to find such commitment to burning rubber anywhere outside of the displays that you’ll find in the land down under. I don’t think that Australia is being dethroned any time soon, either!


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