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Las Vegas auto shop with reality TV show claims ex-employee stole $75,000

My, oh my, how things can unravel in a hurry. You might know all about Count’s Kustoms from Counting Cars, the show on the History Channel that has the shop restoring all sorts of different old-school cars. While it might seem like a business like this is all about turning the wrenches and cranking out the finished product to collect a little bit of loot, throwing a television show into the mix might just complicate things a little bit and cause the top to pop off of a business like this, meaning the potential for big money to come in the door. As you might have experienced in your personal life, money definitely can complicate just about everything and that really appears to be the case here.

Via The Las Vegas Review Journal, “In a lawsuit filed in March, the hot rod and motorcycle restoration and customization company featured in the “Counting Cars” series accuses former employee Joseph Frontiera of using the business’ money to make a down payment on his personal Land Rover Range Rover and buy airline tickets for personal use.” The reports also continued that he managed to fail to pay company’s taxes on time, resulting in an $18,000 penalty, and even had a signature stamp made to stamp checks in the absence of members of authority without their permission.

As of now, it’s important to remember that there are two sides to every story because there has been no new news or developments since May of this year about the case. No matter which side of this battle you’re on, it’s definitely not something that you want to be involved in. This is why you want to thoroughly make sure that the people you’re doing business with are who they say they are. Only time will tell how severe the repercussions of these actions become but for today, the lawsuit remains in limbo.