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Automatic vs Manual Transmission

When it comes to selecting a transmission, both with manual and automatic setups will have their respective set of fans who swear by them. While the opinions differ, neither one of these groups of people is necessarily wrong in their opinion.

While each transmission might have its strong points, each also manages to have weak points to match. Therefore, what you’re doing with the transmission and what your preferences are would strongly influence which one is better for you. That’s what makes having a choice so great!

In this demonstration, some handy graphics crack open a virtual transmission to show you how the internals work and what exactly each transmission is good for and where the weak points lie with the respective setups. This should make it easier to decipher which one makes more sense for you!

Check out the video below that shows you the lowdown on what you can expect from both automatic and manual transmissions that may allow you to make a more educated decision on which on the applications is the better setup for you.